How to Care for Suede Shoes and Boots

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Suede has emerged in recent years as a popular substitute for traditional leather in dress shoes and boots. The soft texture and stylish look have a distinctly modern appeal and match well with outfits ranging from casual dress to black tie.

Suede undergoes a unique production and cleaning process and requires special care and protection against extreme weather. Here is our complete guide to caring for suede shoes and boots.


What Is Suede?

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Suede is leather material with a fuzzy finish on one side to make a velvety nap. Tanneries make suede by separating the top and bottom layers of the animal hide and rubbing one side to create a soft finish.


What is the difference between suede and leather? Suede is typically thinner, more flexible, and less shiny. It features a matte-like finish rather than the smooth and sleek look of traditional leather. Despite the difference in thickness, high-quality suede is durable and able to withstand the elements.


Caring for Suede Shoes and Boots

Those who have only owned traditional dress shoes almost always have the same question: how hard is it to take care of suede shoes?


If you know the proper steps, it isn’t any more difficult than maintaining traditional dress shoes. Here are four tips to help keep your suede fresh and clean.


#1. Regularly Brush Out Dirt and Stains

Suede may attract dust and dirt, which can mute the colors and form stains. Avoid washing suede shoes with water, as it can ruin the soft texture. Instead, use a stiff, dry brush and a suede-cleaning solution to freshen your shoes when they start to look dirty.


#2. Use Shoe Trees

Wooden shoe trees help footwear maintain shape and wick away moisture to prevent odor. Without snug fillings to support form, suede shoes may become wrinkled or creased. 


#3. Properly Store Your Shoes

When you aren’t wearing your shoes, keep them in a covered box, shoe rack, or bag to prevent dust buildup. If you store shoes on the floor, keep them away from high-traffic areas where they might be stepped on and damaged.


Other potential storage risks include areas with direct sunlight or next to a heater. Extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight may cause fading or loss of flexibility and softness.


#4. Protect Suede Against Wet Conditions

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When suede gets wet and then dries, the leather nap may become stiff and brittle. Snow, rain, dew, and other damp conditions can cause irreparable damage, so most experts recommend wearing suede only in dry weather.


At Amberjack, we don’t see the point of purchasing footwear that can’t take you where you want to go in any conditions. That’s why we designed our shoes with water-repellant Italian suede that stays fresh in rain or shine. We sustainably source our suede from one of the finest tanneries in the world, so you know it will help you look and feel good no matter where you go.


Shop Suede Dress Shoes from Amberjack

At Amberjack, we believe the most critical step in caring for suede boots and shoes is finding high-quality footwear durable enough to withstand the wear of everyday use. 


From the sustainably sourced water-repellant Italian suede to the thermo-moldable insole, our shoes are the most technologically advanced suede shoes ever. When you wear Amberjacks, you feel and look different. That’s what happens when you put the highest quality materials in the hands of world-class master craftsmen.


We took the stress out of caring for suede shoes by designing shoes that can take you anywhere without falling apart or losing support. We also offer free shipping and returns, unbeatable prices, and a one-year warranty on any purchase. 

Find suede shoes that care for you as much as you care for them at Amberjack.

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