The 7 Best Loafer Dress Shoes for Men

Brown loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack

Until recently, the dress shoe industry predominantly featured Oxford and Derby shoes, or the “traditional” dress shoes that have been around for decades. These styles are still the staple of men’s formal fashion, but there weren’t any alternatives back in the day for those with a more unique taste.

Now, fashion developments have introduced a variety of styles, materials, and looks into the dress shoe industry—the most common of which is the loafer. Here is our comprehensive guide to the best loafer dress shoes for men.


What Are Loafer Dress Shoes?

While most traditional dress shoes feature various lacing styles, loafers do away with laces altogether. The loafer style includes a unique heel and rounded toe, a low top, and a fasten-free design, giving them a slipper-like look. Loafers are typically made with leather or suede and have exploded in popularity as a dress-shoe alternative.


Loafers are professional enough to be worn with business-casual outfits or—in some cases—suits and other formal attire. However, they’re much more versatile than traditional dress shoes, as they also pair well with shorts and no-show socks.


The Best Leather Loafer Dress Shoes for Men

Not all shoes are created equal. At Amberjack, we know high-quality materials are essential for making premium footwear. That’s why we use premium A-grade full-grain leather from one of the finest tanneries in the world to create the comfiest and sharpest loafers available. Here are the three best leather loafer dress shoes for men.


#1. Chestnut

chestnut brown loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Our dark chestnut brown loafers look great with khaki pants, a dark suit, or shorts. Chestnut is one of the more versatile shoe colors and can be dressed up or dressed down for any function.

Shop The Loafer in Chestnut


#2. Obsidian

Obsidian loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Some people prefer a more sophisticated and formal look. The dark obsidian leather is the dressiest of our loafers and pairs well with dark or light suits, khakis, or gray slacks.

Shop The Loafer in Obsidian


#3. Honey

Tan loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Our honey tan leather feels even more comfortable than it looks. The bright color looks best with no-show socks, dark shorts, or a navy suit.

Shop The Loafer in Honey


The Best Suede Loafer Dress Shoes for Men

Suede has become a popular alternative to traditional leather in recent years. Tanneries create the material by separating the bottom of the hide from the top and rubbing it to make a velvety nap, resulting in a softer and more pliable finish than leather.


Our water-repellent suede is sustainably sourced from one of the finest tanneries in Italy. Unlike other suede, we protect our suede from water damage, so it stays fresh in rain or shine. Here are the four best men’s suede loafer dress shoes.


#1. Grizzly

Brown suede loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


The soft, grizzly brown suede and tan outsole look great with khaki pants, light shorts, or dark chinos.

Shop The Loafer in Grizzly


#2. Cobalt

Cobalt blue suede loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Trying to stand out? Our eye-catching cobalt blue suede completes any daring look but matches especially well with light shorts and a button-up shirt.

Shop The Loafer in Cobalt


#3. Tundra

Tan suede loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Neutral palette colors are immensely popular in modern men’s fashion. Our tundra tan suede pairs well with khaki pants, light-colored suits, or jeans.

Shop The Loafer in Tundra


#4. Slate

Slate-colored suede loafer dress shoes for men from Amberjack


Slate is one of our more unique colors of suede, but these shoes fit with a variety of business-casual outfits, including black and khaki pants.

Shop The Loafer in Slate


Why Choose Amberjack?

With so many brands of loafers available, what sets Amberjack apart from the rest?


Quality. We skipped the complicated supply chains and production shortcuts that plague the footwear industry and partnered directly with one of the best tanneries in the world. The result? Premium shoes with A-grade full-grain leather and proprietary materials designed by Portugal’s finest master craftsmen.


Comfort. Our shoes hug your feet in a buttery-soft sheepskin lining with laser perforations to allow airflow. Basically, you won’t want to wear socks.


Support. We custom-designed our proprietary TPU outsole with athletic technology in the front, for flexibility, and hiking boot material in the back, for support. We also use a fancy heat-activated arch support that molds to your foot for lasting comfort and support. You can wear these shoes all day without tiring your feet.


Price. Because we work directly with our design and production partners, our shoes are 2-3x cheaper than similarly made footwear.


Due to our experience working with large footwear brands, we learned that complicated, mass-produced products were full of compromises and shortcuts—all of which reduced shoe quality.


As mentioned, our production and supply processes bypass the traditional mass-production techniques used by most big shoe companies today.


We partnered directly with one of the best tanneries in the world and created new materials for a more comfortable sole than in any other dress shoe. We then turned to master craftsmen in Portugal, who turned our leather and materials into a shoe that’s clearly stylish and secretly comfortable.


Shop the Best Loafer Dress Shoes for Men From Amberjack

Our loafers are the most technologically advanced shoes on the market. If comfort, style, and quality aren’t incentives enough, we also offer free shipping, free returns, and a one-year warranty on all shoes. Find your new favorite loafer dress shoes for men today!

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