The Best Shoes for Car Salesmen

The best car salesman shoes from Amberjack

Over the years, the gap between high-quality and low-quality shoes has widened. Some companies cut corners, use sub-par materials, and produce the lowest possible acceptable quality. At Amberjack, we take pride in our top-of-the-line footwear.

In many cases, success begins with how you feel when you dress in the mornings. From confidence-inspiring Chelsea boots to comfortable loafers, here are the best shoes for a car salesman from Amberjack.


The Five Best Car Salesman Shoes

What should a car salesman look for in a work shoe?


  • Slip-Resistance. While maintaining a professional appearance that draws customers in, car salesmen should also prioritize slip-resistant shoes. A large part of the job requires going outside, and if you live in a colder climate, chances are you’ll have to deal with wet slush. With Amberjack’s slip-resistant shoes, you can feel confident on the job—rain or shine.
  • Style. As mentioned above, your appearance can dramatically affect your confidence and self-perception. Your dress can also influence how others see you when you make a first impression. In sales, representatives should dress professionally to build trust between them and the customer. 
  • Comfort. Car salesmen spend much of their time standing and walking around lots. Nobody ever wants an uncomfortable shoe, but ill-fitted or poorly designed shoes may even result in poor job performance if foot pain distracts you from a conversation. 
  • Support. Lasting foot pain is more severe than temporary discomfort. Standing or walking for long periods without ample arch support can result in long-term injuries such as plantar fasciitis. 


While you may consider other factors, such as color, shoe fit, and quality of materials, car salesmen should look for shoes that offer support and comfort without compromising style. Here are five shoes that fit those criteria.


#1. The Original - Obsidian

The original men’s dress shoes in obsidian from Amberjack


As mentioned, The Original is a classic shoe style. If you’re going for the “as classic as it gets” look, opt for The Original in obsidian. Not only is the color more forgiving in terms of wear and tear, but these sleek shoes will draw in customers, signifying that you are a professional car salesman who dresses the part. You can pair any shoe from our obsidian line with black or gray suit pants or black slacks.


#2. The Loafer - Obsidian

The loafer obsidian men’s dress shoes from Amberjack


While most loafers are traditionally casual footwear, our obsidian leather gives these shoes a formal style. The laceless design makes for easy removal and looks best with dark slacks or a light suit.


#3. The Chelsea - Obsidian

The Chelsea men’s dress shoes in obsidian from Amberjack


Chelsea boots are popular for their stylish design, high-top support, and professional feel in business settings compared to other boots. Plus, they’re perfect for colder weather. The black leather matches well with dark pants, a gray suit, or khakis.


#4. The Original - Honey

The original honey men’s dress shoes from Amberjack


The Original maintains the feel of the classic shoe style but with some significant upgrades. Our proprietary TPU outsole offers all-day comfort and support, and the honey brown A-Grade full-grain leather gives this shoe an undeniably professional look.


#5. The Chelsea Suede Series - Midnight

The Chelsea midnight men’s dress shoes from Amberjack


Midnight suede is supportive, comfortable, and professional. The slick midnight suede pairs perfectly with the Chelsea boot design and black outsole to create a shoe that looks just as good as it feels.


Why Choose Amberjack?

We designed our shoes to take you anywhere, anytime. These shoes are stylish enough for a formal setting yet comfortable enough to wear every day. They’re among the most technologically advanced footwear available. What makes them so great?


  • Premium quality. We source our premium A-Grade leather from one of the best tanneries in the world. In our opinion, there’s no reasonable substitute for the real deal.
  • Comfort. Our shoes hug your feet in a buttery-soft sheepskin lining with laser perforations to allow sufficient airflow. 
  • Support. Our proprietary outsole uses firm hiking boot material in the back and flexible athletic material in the front, so you can wear shoes all day without tiring your feet. The insole also has a heat-activated arch support, which molds to your foot and stays supportive longer.
  • Price. Because we work directly with our partner tanneries, we offer prices 2-3x cheaper than similarly made shoes. 


Shop the Best Shoes for Car Salesmen at Amberjack

Amberjack originated from a dissatisfaction with the shoe industry outlook. We noticed that technological advancements were leaving the industry behind as footwear remained stuck in the past.


So, we ditched the complicated supply chains, gathered premium proprietary materials, and put them in the hands of some of the world’s best craftsmen. The result? Shoes with undeniable style and amazing feel. 


Still not convinced? We also offer free shipping, free returns, and a one-year warranty. There’s nothing to lose! Experience the best car salesman shoes today.

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