The Best Dress Shoes for Dentists

The Best Dress Shoes for Dentists

Supportive and comfortable footwear is a must-have for dentists. With an occupation that requires in-office time and long hours of standing, your shoes can either add to an already good day or become another stressor.


To help you avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort, we’ve compiled a list of the best shoes for dentists. Before we dive into the list, let’s talk about what dentists need in a shoe.


What Makes a Great Dentist Shoe?


Why should you be concerned about the shoes you wear to work? The best shoes for dentists focus on six critical areas:


  • Arch support
  • Comfort
  • Water resistance 
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Slip-resistant grip


Without proper arch support, people with flatfoot who walk or stand for long periods are susceptible to an increased risk of plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, and other injuries.


Additionally, dentists need comfortable, water-resistant shoes that won’t slip on wet floors. Style is a bonus because who doesn’t want to look their best? 


Here are five of the best shoes for dentists that match these criteria.


#1. The Original - Honey

The Original Honey Tan Shoes from Amberjack

The word “original” conjures images of borderline boring shoes that simply blend in. These shoes are anything but that.


We designed The Original with A-grade, full-grain leather from one of the best tanneries in the world. The honey color matches any slacks, coats, or scrubs you might wear, and the heat-activated arch support stays durable and supportive for longer than other insoles. 


You can dress them up or dress them down. These shoes are stylish and comfortable whenever or wherever you need them. Want them in brown or black? See other colors here!


Shop Original Honey

#2. The Original - Obsidian

The Original Obsidian leather shoe from Amberjack


Many of our customers order these shoes because they work in a professional field — like dentistry — that requires a plain, black dress shoe. That’s where The Original in Obsidian comes in. Like The Original in Honey, these shoes are crafted from A-grade, full-grain leather and the obsidian color will take your white-coat outfit to a night-on-the-town look in seconds. Feel stylish while experiencing heat-activated arch support at work and after hours.


Shop Original Obsidian

#3. The Original Suede Series - Grizzly

The Original Grizzly Suede shoes from Amberjack

Our sustainably sourced suede is a good alternative if you prefer to wear a softer-colored shoe rather than traditional leather. Work without worrying about damaging your shoes—our protected suede is water repellant and stays fresh in rain or shine.


Is comfort your number-one concern for your shoes? With The Original Suede Series, your feet will be hugged in a buttery-soft sheepskin lining with perforations to allow airflow. These are the most advanced dress shoes available, with Italian suede and a thermo-moldable insole. 


Shop Original Grizzly Suede

#4. The Loafer - Chestnut

The Loafer Chestnut Brown shoe from Amberjack

These loafers aren’t like anything else you’ll find. Many slip-on shoes compromise style for convenience and can end up looking tacky. Our loafers feature world-class leather from American steer, our proprietary TPU outsole, and a design that doesn’t compromise style or comfort. The insole is, on average, three times thicker than the standard insole for similar shoes, so they provide significantly better support. 


The rich Chestnut color pairs well with light-blue scrubs or white coats. Sometimes, dentists and other working professionals undervalue style. When you are well dressed, you show your patients you care about your appearance and first impressions. See other colors here!


Shop Loafer Chestnut

#5. The Chelsea - Onyx

The Chelsea Onyx Black shoe from Amberjack


Chelsea-style boots match well with jeans, suit pants, and everything in between. The laceless style makes it easy to slip them on and off without losing durability or support. 


We offer luxury for less. Our Chelsea boots are two to three times less expensive than similarly made shoes. The dual-density outsole uses high-performance athletic material in the front for flexibility and strong hiking boot material in the back for support. These boots are the perfect combination of comfort and durability for long days in the office. See other colors here!


Shop The Chelsea Onyx

Shop the Best Shoes for Dentists from Amberjack


Before founding Amberjack, we saw changing work environments and advancing technology, but dress shoes remained in the past. Due to our experience working with established footwear brands, we learned that complicated, mass-produced products were unfortunately full of compromises and shortcuts. This in turn reduced shoe quality.


We decided to do things differently at Amberjack.


We partnered directly with one of the best tanneries in the world and created new materials for a more comfortable sole than in any other dress shoe. We then teamed up with craftsmen in Portugal who turned our leather and materials into shoes that simultaneously offer style and comfort.


You’ll love Amberjack shoes for their comfort, style and versatility. See our collection of dress-casual shoes that are perfect for the weekday and weekend.

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