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Early adopters are excited by the new comfort technology being used in the shoes, combined with the unique, hybrid style.
Each Amberjack shoe is made with proprietary comfort science; pre-stretched A-grade full grain leather, heat activated arch support, and a mechanically designed dual density outsole.
Amberjack is making dress shoes cool again....The hybrid brand combines style and comfort.
A modern dress shoe designed for the future of work….Amberjack shoes are made with soft leather uppers and a proprietary, athletic outsole.
Amberjack partnered directly with one of the world's best tanneries which allows them to source 100% A-grade full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost of other brands. This is leather typically used in shoes that cost two-times as much.
Emerging Brand Amberjack’s Debut Shoe Already Has a 10,000+ Waitlist.
Comfortable dress shoes

A new take on an old shoe, with obviously good style and secretly great comfort.


Made Different.

The world is changing, yet dress shoes remain the same. Through material innovation and a unique supply chain, we create the world's most comfortable dress-casual footwear that also happens to be entirely carbon neutral. This is a new kind of shoe. Better for you. Better for the planet.

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