The Best Men’s Suede Dress Shoes of 2023

Men’s suede dress shoes from Amberjack

Suede—the soft and appealing relative of traditional leather—has taken the shoe industry by storm, and it’s a style for any man seeking a classy fit. But don’t just settle for any old suede shoes. Here are the year’s best men’s suede dress shoes


What Is Suede?


Unlike other leathers, suede comes from the underside of the animal skin, giving it a soft surface. To make suede, a leatherworker will separate the bottom of the skin from the top to create soft, pliable leather compared to firm, traditional full-grain leather.


Suede is ideal for footwear as it gives shoes a soft and appealing appearance while still being more durable than cloth fabrics. The style and functionality make suede dress shoes some of the most popular dress shoes today. 


Now, onto the list.


The Original – Suede Series


These shoes are so much more than just an “original” fit. The highly engineered soles and breathable suede make these classic-style dress shoes the classiest and most comfortable of their kind.


The Original – Suede Series: Stone

Stone-gray men’s suede dress shoes from Amberjack

Our stone-gray suede pairs well with any cool-toned slacks or jeans in colors like blue, purple, green, black, white, or gray. The neutral color also does well to offset a more vibrant outfit. Good luck finding a style that doesn’t look good with gray suede. 


The Original – Suede Series: Slate

Slate-brown men’s suede dress shoes from Amberjack

Slate brown is one of our darker-colored suedes that looks great with neutrals like beige or sand. While dark colors typically don’t draw attention, it’s impossible not to admire these shoes’ comfortable fit and undeniable style.


The Original – Suede Series: Grizzly

Grizzly-brown men’s suede dress shoes from Amberjack

Grizzly brown is the softest-colored suede, which makes this shoe look as comfortable as it feels. Pair them with brown slacks, dark jeans, or any color of chinos—with or without ankle socks. You can’t go wrong with brown suede.


The Original – Suede Series: Carbon

The Original – Suede Series: Carbon

Like the stone-colored suede, carbon-gray will work with nearly every color or style. Dress these shoes up with a navy, black, or dark charcoal suit, or dress them down with khakis or jeans. 


The Original – Suede Series: Cobalt

Cobalt-blue men’s suede dress shoes from Amberjack

The last of our original-style suede dress shoes but certainly not the least. We love these shoes paired with light-gray or dark-brown pants. If you’re feeling bold, you can also pair them with orange, red, or green for a standout look.


The Loafer – Suede Series


Loafer shoes are comfortable, laceless dress shoes that allow for increased airflow and easy removal. Our suede loafers are flexible and breathable without compromising on support or durability. Wear them in any setting and look good wherever you go.


The Loafer – Suede Series: Grizzly

Grizzly-brown suede loafers from Amberjack

Starting to notice a trend? Grizzly suede looks good on any footwear, no matter the shoe style. The soft tone fits particularly well with the comfortable loafer style and looks great with dark chinos, a tan suit, or light shorts. 


The Loafer – Suede Series: Cobalt

Cobalt-blue suede loafers from Amberjack

Who knew a comfort-based shoe could look so classy? Cobalt suede can turn any shoe style into the perfect match with a dressy wardrobe. Complete your look with tan slacks or shorts, dark chinos, or a matching blue suit. These bold loafers scream “Coastal BBQ,” so if that’s your vibe, we’ve got you covered.


The Loafer – Suede Series: Tundra

Tundra light-brown suede loafers from Amberjack

Our tundra loafers combine a light-brown suede with a tan outsole for a classic style that can be as formal or casual as you like. Make them formal with a tan suit, or keep them laid back with black jeans or white shorts. 


The Loafer – Suede Series: Slate

Slate-grey suede loafers from Amberjack

The slate-colored suede embodies everything we love about these loafers-–and they truly work with any fit. Dark slacks, khakis, shorts, etc.—we challenge you to find an outfit that doesn’t look good with these shoes. Seriously. 


The Chelsea – Suede Series


Chelsea boots have been around for a long time and are still a fashion staple in 2023. Most people love Chelsea boots for their classic and timeless look, which compliments a range of different outfits. Our shoes use the most technologically advanced materials to create a comfortable fit without losing the simplistic look that makes these boots so popular.


The Chelsea – Suede Series: Midnight

Midnight-black suede Chelsea boots from Amberjack

Black suede boots are among the most versatile footwear you can find. Wear them with black jeans, a light-colored suit, navy chinos—the list goes on. It may be harder to find a style that doesn’t look good with midnight suede than one that does. 


The Chelsea – Suede Series: Brown (Copper/Grizzly)

Grizzly suede Chelsea boots from Amberjack

Boots are often more noticeable than traditional dress shoes as they take up more wardrobe real estate. As mentioned above, the grizzly-colored suede matches well with dark slacks or jeans. Copper brown is a lighter shade that can help draw more attention to your shoes while styling well with the same dark-colored clothes. 


The Chelsea – Suede Series: Dune

Dune-yellow suede Chelsea boots from Amberjack

Dune-yellow is our brightest-colored suede for those who aren’t afraid to stand out. The lighter suede typically looks best with other bright or neutral colors, such as light-blue jeans, brown slacks, or a light-blue suit. 


Is Suede Waterproof?


Most suede care guides will tell you not to let the fabric come into contact with water to avoid irreparable damage.


That’s not the case with our suede.


We source our water-repellent leather from one of the finest tanneries in Italy with special weather protection that keeps it fresh under rain or shine. No more worrying about spills or splashes. 


Why Choose Amberjack?


We’re committed to producing comfortable and stylish shoes that don’t fit into the cookie-cutter mold that has taken over the world of men’s suede dress shoes. Our footwear is more than just affordable—it’s the most advanced dress shoe available. What makes them so great?


Super soft lining. Our shoes hug your feet in a buttery soft sheepskin lining with laser perforations to allow airflow—no more hot or uncomfortable feet. 


Dual-density outsole. Our custom TPU outsole is flexible in the front and supportive in the back. You can wear our dress shoes all day without wearing out your feet. 


Heat-activated arch support. We insert a special foam in our arch support that uses heat to form to your foot. Think of it as a special, durable memory foam that stays supportive and comfortable for longer.


Suede. Our Italian suede is timeless. Suede can handle any weather and can dress up your dress shoes. It’s durable and fashionable.


Shop Men’s Suede Dress Shoes Today


Our shoes feature visible style and undercover comfort—obviously good, secretly great. When you order from Amberjack, you know you’re getting high-quality shoes from a fair-wage factory with plastic-free packaging.


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