The Ultimate Business Casual Shoes for Men in 2024

man sitting on a railing in business casual attire and Original Honey Amberjack shoes

It's 2024, and time for professionals to upgrade their business casual wardrobes. From loafers to Chelsea boots, here are the best men’s business casual shoes for the year.


Men’s Business Casual Shoes from Amberjack

At Amberjack, we wanted to create something new: business casual shoes that feel comfortable without sacrificing style. People shouldn’t have to choose between feeling good and looking their best. 


Here are our eight favorite casual business shoes for men to get your feet through your work day (comfortably).


#1. The Original - Honey

The Original Honey brown men’s business casual shoes from Amberjack

With The Original, we took everything good about the classic dress shoe style and added some special upgrades. The Honey tan premium A-Grade full grain leather delivers surprisingly sweet comfort all day long and looks especially classy with blue slacks or black jeans.

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#2. The Original - Chestnut Cream

The Original Chestnut & Cream men’s shoes from Amberjack

Nobody wants to wear boring shoes. The Chestnut Cream combines our beautiful dark-brown chestnut leather and cream outsole to create an eye-grabbing look. Make these shoes stand out even more by pairing them with light-colored slacks.

Shop the Original in Chestnut & Cream


#3. The Original Suede Series - Stone

The stone gray original suede men’s dress shoes from Amberjack

Suede shoes have become wildly popular due to their versatility in any situation. Our water-repellent stone suede stays fresh under rain or shine and can take you anywhere from weekend office get-togethers to executive board meetings.

Shop the Original in Stone Suede


#4. The Original Suede Series - Grizzly

The grizzly brown original suede men’s dress shoes from Amberjack

Believe it or not, these shoes feel even softer than they look. Our Grizzly brown suede has a warm, comfortable look and pairs well with khakis, jeans, or dark slacks.

Shop the Original in Grizzly Suede


#5. The Loafer - Chestnut

The chestnut brown men’s loafers from Amberjack

Loafers take business shoe comfort to the next level. The laceless design makes it easy to slip them on and off, and our Chestnut brown leather ensures a level of professionalism and style for in-office days. 

Shop the Loafer in Chestnut


#6. The Loafer Suede Series - Tundra

The suede tundra men’s loafers from Amberjack

Suede loafers have never looked better. The light tan leather fits any style, including no-show socks. Match these loafers with black jeans, khakis, or a light-blue suit. 

Shop the Loafer in Tundra Suede


#7. The Chelsea - Obsidian

The Obsidian Chelsea men’s boots from Amberjack

Chelsea boots are among the best business casual shoes due to their comfortable and classy style. Our Obsidian Chelseas look amazing with black pants, dark jeans, or light-stone chinos if you’re feeling bold.

Shop the Chelsea in Obsidian


#8. The Chelsea - Chestnut

The Chestnut Chelsea men’s boots from Amberjack

Meet our Chestnut-colored Chelsea boot. Pair with pretty much any color of pants besides black. If you’re feeling cool, earthy tones, try wearing The Chelsea in Chestnut with forest-green pants and a camel peacoat. This ensemble is sure to turn heads at your next event.

Shop the Chelsea in Chestnut


#9. The Slip-On - Honey

Slip on business casual dress shoes for men in honey color

Finally, we have The Slip-On in Honey: where effortless style meets ultimate comfort. These slip-on shoes offer total convenience without compromising on sophistication. Pair them with navy or beige trousers for a polished yet relaxed look. Upgrade your wardrobe with The Slip-On today for all-day comfort and timeless style.

Shop The Slip-On in Honey


Why Choose Amberjack?

Though our shoes follow a relatively typical construction process, not unlike some athletic shoes, our technology and materials are anything but standard. What makes our shoes so unique?


Premium Leather. We use A-Grade full-grain leather from one of the best tanneries in the world, and our protected suede comes from Italy. We don’t use generic, cheap materials. Premium shoes deserve premium materials. 


Arch Support. We make our insoles with a fancy foam that responds to pressure and heat to conform to your foot. It’s like memory foam but more durable. The result is an arch support that stays supportive for longer. 


Dual-Density Outsole. Our proprietary TPU outsole is firm in the heel for support and flexible in the front for comfort. You can wear our shoes all day without tiring your feet. 


We put our high-quality supplies in the hands of world-class craftsmen in Portugal. The result: shoes that have obvious style and secretly great comfort.

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Shop Casual Business Shoes for Men

At Amberjack, we’ve separated ourselves from other big shoe companies by bypassing the complicated supply chains that dominate the industry. Instead, we work directly with our partners to design and produce shoes way more comfortable than they have the right to be. Because of our simplified process, we’re able to offer our footwear at a price 2-3x cheaper than other similarly made shoes.


With free shipping & free returns (US orders), and a 1-year warranty, there’s nothing to lose. Find your new favorite business casual shoes for men today!

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