The World’s Most Comfortable Tuxedo Shoes

Men's most comfortable tuxedo shoe

Every guy knows black-tie events require elegance and sophistication, but how many are also considering their own comfort? In adhering to strict dress codes, it’s easy to pair a stiff suit or tux with stiffer shoes that simply get the job done.


But tuxedo shoes, admired for their sleek appearance, are notorious for sacrificing comfort for style. At Amberjack, we’ve heard the grunts and groans from men with achy feet after formal events and decided to do something about it. That’s why we’ve created the most comfortable tuxedo shoes on the market.


In this article, we will guide you on how to feel fully prepared for your upcoming tuxedo event, including tips on finding the most comfortable tuxedo shoes. Let’s dive in!


What is the Tuxedo Style?

Black tie is a very formal dress code often seen at upscale events. It's all about looking sophisticated and polished. There are specific rules about what to wear, so let's break it down so you can feel prepared. 


The main piece of clothing for black tie events is the tuxedo, often shortened to "tux" in colloquial language and known as a dinner suit. It's simple and doesn't have any extra decorations. The jacket doesn't have pocket flaps, and the trousers are plain without pleats or cuffs.


Here's what you should aim for with black tie attire:


1. Black jacket: The jacket of a tuxedo is typically black, made from traditional wool fabric, and may feature satin or grosgrain lapels, which provide a contrasting texture to the rest of the jacket.

2. Trousers: Tuxedo trousers usually match the jacket in color and are well-pressed and fitted. They are accompanied by a satin or grosgrain stripe down the outer seam of each leg, adding to the formal aesthetic.

3. White dress shirt: Tuxedos are typically worn with a crisp, white dress shirt. The shirt may have a pleated front or a plain front, depending on personal preference. The shirt should have a stiff cotton front and a regular collar. It needs to fit a bow tie and have cuffs that require cufflinks.

4. Bow tie: Instead of a long necktie, tuxedos are traditionally worn with a bow tie. The bow tie is usually black and can be made from satin or silk.

5. Vest or cummerbund: Some tuxedo styles include either a vest or a cummerbund worn around the waist - though they are not meant to wear both at once. These accessories are meant to conceal the waistband of the trousers and add a touch of formality.

6. Black tuxedo shoes: Tuxedos are typically worn with highly polished black dress shoes. These shoes should be well-shined and free from scuffs or marks. It’s also crucial to ensure you find a comfortable shoe that will last you throughout the night’s activities.


Tuxedo style can vary slightly depending on the occasion and personal preferences. For example, some modern variations might include navy or midnight blue jackets instead of black, or different textures and patterns for the jacket lapels. However, the basic elements of a tuxedo remain consistent across different styles.


The idea behind black tie is to blend in with the formal atmosphere, so keep it simple! Now that you know what you’re wearing on top, it’s time to find the perfect tuxedo shoes that you can feel extremely comfortable in.


Our Top Tuxedo Shoes:

#1 The Tux in Obsidian

Black tuxedo shoes for men

At Amberjack, we set out to redefine the shoe industry and create the most comfortable tuxedo shoes. First, we recommend The Tux in Obsidian. This is our classic black tuxedo. They feature A-grade, Italian patent leather sourced from one of the world's best tanneries, ensuring top-notch quality.


Our tuxedo shoes are made with an extremely soft sheepskin lining that’s laser-perforated to allow airflow. They’re so comfortable, you may not even want to wear socks. The shoes also encompass a heat-activated insole with arch support that utilizes advanced foam technology for extreme comfort. The dual-density outsole offers flexibility and support by combining athletic technology in the front and durable hiking boot material in the back.

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A man wearing shiny black tuxedo shoes

#2 The Tux in Onyx

Comfortable tuxedo shoes in onxy color

The Tux in Onyx also feature the classic glossy black but are styled with a white stripe around the outsole for added style.


Both variations of this shoe feature our premium A-grade patent leather, proprietary TPU outsole, thermo-moldable insole, and ultra-soft sheepskin lining, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Whether you prefer the all-black or white-striped look, Amberjack has the perfect tuxedo shoe for you.

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A man wearing comfortable tux shoes in onyx colorShop The Tux by Amberjack

Get ready for unmatched comfort and style with The Tux for your black-tie event. Our collection ensures you feel great without sacrificing style, making it perfect for any formal occasion. Say goodbye to foot discomfort and focus on the evening ahead. Plus, enjoy free US shipping, easy returns, and a 2-year warranty. Check out our collection now and impress your guests with your upgraded footwear.

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