What Is the Best Men's Dress Shoe with Arch Support?

The Original Men’s dress shoe with arch support from Amberjack
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Over the last century, the men’s dress shoe has rarely deviated from the same unfortunate characteristics: a protruding heel, a stiff-leather upper, and an all-around lack of arch support. For the sake of the modern man—and the modern man’s feet—it’s time for a change. 

At Amberjack, we wondered if we could break this cycle by inventing a pair of men’s dress shoes with arch support from a thick insole and a body that forms the shape of each wearer’s unique footprint.

So, we did just that. 

It’s time to replace your worn-down dress shoes with a pair of Amberjacks that provide premium comfort and arch support without a premium cost or second-rate style.


#1. The Original: Honey, Tan

 A person walking up steps wearing tan men’s dress shoes with arch support from Amberjack


The Original is your first and foremost choice for maximum comfort and flexible style.


We create the upper of every pair with A-grade leather from American steer. We use a laser-perforated sheepskin lining to wrap your foot. 


Warning: wearing this shoe may result in you choosing to go without socks.


Now for the piece of innovative men’s dress shoe technology that makes this one stand out: heat-activated arch support from an amazing insole. The shoe conforms to the unique shape of your foot without wearing out or giving up, even when you’re working overtime. A personalized fit means you can make it to the end of the day without feeling like your shoes need to come off. You may even choose to keep them on!


Oh, and since we’ve vertically integrated with a world-renowned tannery, we offer each pair at an unbeatable price. Looking for more colors? We have those too.


#2. The Loafer Suede Series: Chestnut

A man standing on steps, wearing men’s dress shoes with arch support from Amberjack


Perhaps your office has a relaxed dress code, or you’re heading out for a casual dinner on a warm summer night. The Loafer Suede Series is the laceless, comfortable, and classy option for your casual event of choice.


We deliver our vertically sourced premium leather to craftsman in Portugal who use their decades of experience to expertly and ethically construct each pair of loafers to conform to your foot.


We’re proud to work with other leaders and innovators in the shoe industry, and we’re certain you’ll see (and feel) that innovation with each step!


#3. The Chelsea: Obsidian Black

 A person fixing their pant leg wearing men’s dress shoes with arch support from Amberjack


In 2022, more offices and business-casual environments have embraced leaving the low-top dress shoe behind. We offer The Chelsea in a timeless style with the same heat-activated arch support to boot. 


On top of being a men's dress shoe with high arch support, this shoe acts as a smart and sharp take on the classic Chelsea boot. Our proprietary outsole is made from tried and true hiking boot materials and high-performance athletic technology to provide support without sacrificing flexibility. 


You’ll notice that we’ve dropped the obnoxiously deep heel cups of the past to embrace a new, sleek design that looks professional while synchronously being prepped for your next trek. The Onyx color scheme is eye-catching and pops on any outfit. But if it isn’t your style, we have more leather colors and Italian suede options for you to try.


#4. The Original Suede Series: Grizzly, Brown

A person sitting on steps, wearing men’s dress shoes with arch support from Amberjack


Take the look and feel of your dress shoes to the next level with water-repellent Italian suede.


The Original Suede Series has all the same bells and whistles as the classic leather variation with a low heel, durable laces, and arch support that can go all day but with a stylish twist on the upper.


While the thermo-moldable insole provides these men's dress shoes with high arch support, the Italian suede from Tuscany, Italy, protects your feet and leather from rain, snow, or other harsh elements. Try Grizzly, Cobalt, Stone, or any other suede variant. We have multiple men’s dress shoes in suede for you to choose from.


The Secret to Serious Arch Support 

The insole of an Amberjack dress shoe


Our insoles are powerful. They’re what makes Amberjack dress shoes so comfortable and what gives you serious arch support. Our insoles are on average three times thicker than the insoles you’d find in your typical dress shoe. Amberjack’s insoles aren’t typical—they’re seriously supportive!


Find Men’s Dress Shoes with Arch Support at Amberjack

We’ve innovated with leading minds and brands across the world to design a variety of men’s dress shoes with arch support and timeless style so your next pair of dress shoes can outlast every pair before it.


Ultra-comfortable, supremely durable, and classically designed shoes shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. With the help of vertical integration with one of the world’s leading tanneries, we provide our premium, A-grade leather shoes for a fraction of the normal price.


Find your next pair of men’s dress shoes with arch support today, and let us know if our shoes exceed your expectations!

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