The Best Shoes for Pilots

Original Obsidian Amberjack Shoes for Pilots

From Pan Am to private aviation, pilots have flown not only with exceptional speed and service but with timeless style. You know the look: tailored suits, epaulets, caps, and black dress shoes. 

While pilots spend thousands of hours in flight and moving from the parking lot to the terminal, their knees, lower backs, and feet aren’t often being supported as they should be.

Today, aviation dress codes aren’t as cookie-cutter as they were in decades past. What does this mean for you and thousands of sore pilots around the world? You can toss out that worn-down pair of dress shoes for a stylish and comfortable alternative. Let’s explore what makes a shoe the right fit for a pilot’s wardrobe.


Characteristics of the Best Shoes for Pilots

The best shoes for pilots should have these five attributes:


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Professional
  • Non-metal construction
  • Traction control


Any comfortable and long-lasting shoe will need to fit the airline’s dress code. But more often than not, dress codes offer some leeway for each pilot’s preference. Metal-free shoes are best for navigating swiftly through security checkpoints. Additionally, you’ll need a grippy sole to operate rudder pedals and complete preflight checks in harsh weather conditions.


With that in mind, here are the three best shoes for pilots.


#1. The Original in Obsidian

The Original in Obsidian leather from Amberjack

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. This shoe is far from traditional.


At Amberjack, we innovated the design and materials used for a common dress shoe to create The Original. The pitch-black upper is made with A-grade, full-grain leather from a world-class tannery. Those who have owned a pair of full-grain leather shoes know a single pair can last decades with the proper care.


The Original is equipped with a dual-function outsole that offers athletic rigidity while remaining flexible and grippy. With its heat-activated arch support, The Original will make you feel comfortable and supported all day long. Additionally, they are TSA compliant and adhere to all uniform guidelines.


In this classic black color, The Original is one of the best shoes for pilots who prefer a more traditional style. But if black isn’t your style, you can find a color you love.


#2. The Chelsea in Obsidian

The Chelsea in Obsidian from Amberjack

The Chelsea is a modern boot that is as stylish as it is practical. You can dress it up or down depending on your needs. It looks good with jeans, dress pants, or chinos. The no-lace design makes it easy to remove the boots at security or your hotel after a long-haul flight.


We designed The Chelsea with premium A-grade hides from American steer. Plus, we created a thermo-moldable insole and mechanically designed outsole that protect your feet from fatigue and pain. The Obsidian color is a perfect way to match or stand out with your uniform or everyday wear.


For the level of quality and innovation in The Chelsea, we’ve managed to offer it at an unbeatable price.


#3. The Loafer in Obsidian

The Loafer in Obsidian from Amberjack

Not every pilot needs a traditional shoe or boot for their flights. Introducing The Loafer.


Loafers aren’t just for lounging anymore: these shoes provide unparalleled comfort without compromising shoe stability. Whether you’re pairing The Loafer in Obsidian with black suit pants or casual shorts, your look will be exactly as you intend. The Loafer is the perfect fit for a Saturday joy flight.


Straighten Up and Fly Right with Amberjack

At Amberjack, we noticed how casual-dress shoes were becoming more outdated as technology and work environments advanced. Using our combined experience in the footwear industry and partnering with sustainable suppliers, we created the footwear of the future.


Come learn more about our company and find the best shoes for pilots today!

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