The Best Men’s Shoes for Teachers and Professors

The Best Men’s Shoes for Teachers and Professors

Teachers and professors often work busy schedules that include preparing lesson plans and handling student concerns and questions. On top of the everyday stress of teaching, many educational professionals also deal with severe foot and shoe issues. One study found that nearly 40% of teachers experience foot pain while standing for a long time.

Teachers can focus on their work when they have shoes that take their minds off foot pain and discomfort. What qualifies footwear for our list of the best shoes for teachers?


What to Look For in Shoes for Teachers

Teachers generally stand for long periods, walk between classrooms, work long hours, and dress professionally. Teachers spend over 40 hours working a week on average. Finding the proper footwear is paramount.


The ideal shoe will meet the following criteria:


  • Style. When professionals look their best, they feel their best. Professors generally wear formal attire, while high school and elementary teachers generally dress casually. The perfect shoe can be dressed up or down or anywhere in between.
  • Comfort. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style—your shoes should feel as good as they look. Gone are the days when blocky oversized shoes were the only option for dress shoes that didn’t suffocate your feet.
  • Support. Proper arch support is critical for a job that involves lots of moving and standing. Unfortunately, many stylish dress shoes don’t offer lasting and comfortable support. Find a shoe that fits your foot and provides sufficient support.
  • Quality. Just because a shoe claims to be made of leather doesn’t mean it’s high-quality. Premium shoes come from notable tanneries and are noticeably different from cheap knockoffs. 
  • Affordability. High-quality shoes will always be more expensive than off-brand pretenders, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to buy adequate footwear. We believe teachers should have easy access to premium quality at an affordable price. 


The Best Shoes for Teachers from Amberjack

At Amberjack, we want to provide professionals with shoes that offer superior comfort and quality without compromising style. What makes our shoes so great?


Our A-grade full-grain leather comes from one of the best tanneries in the world. We only use premium hides from American steer, so you know you’re getting the best quality. We also designed our insoles with a heat-activated arch support that molds to your foot and stays supportive for longer.


Worried about comfort? Our proprietary TPU outsole contains durable hiking boot material in the back for support and high-performance athletic technology in the front for comfort and flexibility. Basically, you can wear these shoes all day without tiring your feet. Additionally, we use a buttery-soft sheepskin lining with laser perforations to allow sufficient airflow. 


Not only are our shoes comfortable and stylish, but they’re also affordable. Because we partner directly with our producers, we can offer our footwear at an unbeatable price. Similarly made shoes cost 2-3x more than our prices. 


You get the picture. Here are the four best dress shoes for teachers and professors from Amberjack.


#1. The Original - Honey

The Original Honey dress shoes from Amberjack

The Original has the comfortable feel of the classic dress shoe style, but it’s the most technologically advanced shoe of its kind. The Honey leather matches everything from navy slacks to jeans, fulfilling your need for comfort and fashionability.


Check out The Original in Chestnut and Obsidian too.


#2. The Original Suede Series - Slate

The Original Suede Series Slate dress shoes from Amberjack


These shoes look as comfortable as they look. Our protected suede is sustainably sourced from Tuscany, Italy, and stays fresh under rain or shine so you don’t have to worry about water damage from spills or weather. 


#3. The Loafer - Honey

The Loafer Honey brown from Amberjack

The Loafer is the epitome of comfortably classy. The laceless design makes for easy slip-on slip-off use, and our custom TPU outsole will keep your feet feeling rested throughout the long workday. 


#4. The Chelsea - Chestnut

The Chelsea Chestnut boots from Amberjack


Our Chelsea boot is arguably the most stylish shoe in our lineup, with the same all-day comfort insoles and sheepskin lining. The Chestnut leather works well with navy slacks, khakis, or jeans. Seriously, they’ll take you anywhere, no matter how formal or casual.


Check out The Chelsea in Obsidian and Grizzly too.


Find Your New Favorite Shoe at Amberjack

On top of premium quality, affordable prices, and untouchable comfort, you will also enjoy the following benefits when shopping at Amberjack:


  • Free 2-4 day shipping for US-based orders
  • Free returns for US-based orders
  • 1-year warranty


All of this comes at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Our shoes are better for you, better for work, and better for the planet. Shop the world’s best shoes for teachers today!

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