The Ultimate Tuxedo Shoes

Men’s tux shoes from Amberjack

Tuxedos are the go-to apparel for black-tie events, from fancy weddings to business galas. However, men may find that while choosing the tuxedo is simple, it’s much more difficult to find a matching pair of shoes.

Tuxedo shoes can make and break your style for the big day, so you must know what to look for and where to find them.


What to Look for in Tuxedo Shoes

Dress shoes have become bolder and more eye-catching over the years. Various bright colors, textured materials, and patterns scream for attention and often clash with traditional tuxedo styles.


Tuxedo shoes should enhance your tuxedo, not compete with it. Here are a few critical factors to consider when looking for shoes.


Quality. If you pair low-quality shoes with a luxury tuxedo, the result is jarring. Look for footwear that uses premium materials from reputable tanneries, not cheap imitation shoes from cookie-cutter factories.


Style. As mentioned above, your shoes should match the style of your tuxedo. The ideal tuxedo shoe should look clean and stylish without drawing away from the rest of the outfit.


Durability. Durability often comes with quality. Cheap materials break down quickly, resulting in fabric tears and arch support compression. Look for shoes that can withstand frequent use and maintain their support over time.


Comfort. Nobody wants to wear a shoe that doesn’t feel good. Tuxedo shoes shouldn’t compromise comfort for style—a good shoe will have both.


Practicality. High-quality shoes cost more, so why spend big money on footwear you’ll never wear again? Look for shoes that match your tuxedo but are also versatile enough to be worn with other suits and business clothes.


Choosing the Right Color

We mentioned above that your shoes should match your tuxedo, but what does that look like?


For a black tuxedo, classic black shoes typically look the best—anything brighter will stand out. Blue and gray tuxedos are easier to match and look great with black, brown, or other conservatively colored shoes.


Choosing the Right Style

“Tux shoe” has a unique style, featuring a slick, reflective look—perfect for the dance floor. The distinctive color comes from patent high-shine leather, which gives tuxedo shoes a distinctive formal appeal.


Oxfords and loafers are the most common alternatives to tuxedo shoes. Oxfords are traditional-style shoes with closed lacing, meaning the shoelace eyelets are attached to the bottom of the vamp. Loafers are low-top laceless dress shoes without any type of fastening system.


Chelsea Boots are less traditional tuxedo shoes but have become more popular in recent years. Chelseas are more slim and tapered than other boot styles, so they have a professional look that matches well with tuxedo pants, depending on your vibe.


The 4 Best Tuxedo Shoes from Amberjack

A newlywed groom walking with his wife and wearing tux shoes from Amberjack


While this isn’t a comprehensive list, these are the best dress shoes for traditional-colored tuxedos.


#1. The Tux

The Tux obsidian men’s dress shoes from Amberjack


These shoes are inspired by the traditional tuxedo shoe style. They feature our premium Italian patent leather sourced from one of the finest tanneries in the world. The sleek black material perfectly matches dark-colored tuxedos to complete your sophisticated look.


The Tux is available in two styles: the all-black obsidian, and the onyx, which breaks up the color with a white stripe around the outsole. Both styles include our premium A-grade leather, proprietary TPU outsole, thermo-moldable insole, and ultra-soft sheepskin lining, which makes them the most comfortable tuxedo shoes available.


Tuxedos are primarily worn on meaningful occasions, and we know these shoes will be a part of happy memories that last a lifetime. We designed them to feel even better than they look so you’ll be ready for anything.

Shop The Tux Obsidian


#2. The Original


The word “original” conjures up images of uninspiring footwear, but these shoes aren’t your dad’s Oxfords. These are the most technologically advanced dress shoes available, made by world-class master craftsmen who aren’t afraid to get futuristic with footwear.


The Original comes in 11 different colors. Below are the best options for black-tie events based on the color of your tuxedo.

Shop The Original Obsidian


Black Tux


Navy Tux


Gray Tux


 #3. The Loafer

The Loafer Obsidian Leather Men's Slip-on Dress Shoe from Amberjack

Our loafers capture the essence of laceless shoe comfort without compromising on style. Black tie event attendees can wear these shoes with or without socks to complete their look. 


The Loafer is available in seven different colors. Below are the best options for tuxedo shoes based on the tux color.

Shop The Loafer Obsidian


Black Tux


Navy or Gray Tux


#4. The Chelsea

The Chelsea Obsidian Black Leather Men's boot from Amberjack

As we mentioned before, Chelsea Boots are not traditional tuxedo shoes. However, their tapered style has led to a general acceptance of Chelseas as a formal dress shoe. 


Our boots stay supportive longer than other tuxedo shoes and have a clean look appropriate for any formal event. 


The Chelsea is available in nine different colors. Below are the best options for black-tie events based on the tux color.

Shop The Chelsea Obsidian


Black Tux


Navy Tux


Gray Tux


Why Shop Amberjack?

Purchasing a new pair of tuxedo shoes is not a light decision. High-quality footwear is often expensive and may wear down quickly if you don’t choose the right brand.


What, then, are the main reasons you should consider Amberjack?


Quality. We only use premium materials and put them in the hands of world-class master craftsmen. Our leather, insoles, and outsoles last longer, feel better and look sharper than other tuxedo shoes.


Comfort. Our shoes have a buttery-soft sheepskin lining with laser perforations for adequate airflow. Basically, you won’t want to wear socks.


Support. We use a thermo-moldable insole that uses heat to match your foot’s natural shape. It’s like memory foam but more durable, so it stays supportive for longer. Our shoes also feature a proprietary TPU outsole, which supports the heel and offers flexibility in the front for comfort.


Price. Tuxedo shoes have always been pricey—until now. We work directly with our partner tanneries, which means we can offer our shoes at an unbeatable price. Similarly made shoes generally cost 2-4x more.


Shop Tuxedo Shoes with Amberjack

At Amberjack, we design shoes that break the uninspiring trends of modern footwear. Our tux shoes are affordable and obviously stylish, with a hidden level of comfort. 


We also want to ensure you get the perfect pair for you. That’s why we offer free 2-3 day shipping, free returns, and a one-year warranty. Find your new favorite pair of tuxedo shoes today!

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